Acorns – Microinvesting

Invest your spare change and grow your oak.


Acorns is an investment app and web platform that is tailored to attract long-term beginner investors. Acorns has long been the ring leader of “round-up” investing. The make it easy for individuals who often forget or struggle to save and invest by allowing you to link your bank account to your Acorns account and rounding up all purchases to the next dollar. This style of investing is called micro-investing and it is a long term approach to investing that is passive, but can be effective in the long term.

Source: Investor Junkie

Who is Acorns for?

Acorns is for the beginner investor. That allows for the passive investor to build wealth . If you have trouble saving and are in search for a way to put money aside while also jumping into the stock market, Acorns is a great option!

Who is Acorns NOT for?

Acorns is a very intuitive investment app, however it is very basic and has limited investment options. If you like full control over the types of stocks and ETFs you are investing in, Acorns is probably not for you. Acorns has just a few curated investment options based on risk tolerance. M1 Finance, Robinhood, or a traditional brokerage may be a better option. However, you may know someone who is a beginner investor and Acorns may a be good option for them. Help spread the word!

Minimum Investment: $0
Investment Options5 Risk-based Portfolio Options (see below)
Fees:Acorns Core: $1
Acorns Core + Later: $2
Acorns Core + Later + Spend: $3
*College students get Acorns Core Free
Retirement Accounts:Roth and Traditional IRAs
Platform: Mobile (iOS & Android) and Web
Margin Account:No

Portfolio Examples

Acorns provides an aggressive, moderately aggressive, moderate, moderately conservative, and conservative portfolio option. See some of the options below.

Acorns $5 Sign-Up Promotion

By using the affiliate link (Promo code: KQLYZU) we both get a free $5 when you sign up. This helps bring you fresh content and keep this site going.

Acorns Core

Acorns is pretty simple to use, there are three different accounts you can open with Acorns– Acorns Core (individual brokerage account), Acorns Later (Roth or Traditional IRA), and Acorns Spend (checking account). Acorns Core is where your round-up investments go. You can also choose to invest a specified amount every month in addition to your normal round-ups. This allows for efficient dollar-cost averaging.

If you invested $150 dollars a week into Acorns every week until you were 64 years old (assuming you were 26 or younger), you would break a million dollars.

Acorns Later

If you do not have a 401(k) set up with your employer or your employer does not provide contributions to your retirement account, Acorns Later is a cheap and easy option to start investing in your oak. Similar to your Acorns Core account, you can make re-occurring contributions to your Acorns Later account to prepare for when you retire.

Acorns Spend

Acorns Spend is still in development, but it has been released to members who signed-up for it. The Acorns Spend checking account comes with a Apple-inspired titanium debit card for your daily spending. The advantage of an Acorns Spend account is the immediate transfer or round-ups to your Acorns Core account. Additionally, every time you use your Acorns Spend account at a qualifying store, you get a percentage cash-back into your Core account. Acorns Spend is still limited at the moment, but depositing checks from your phone is in development. One drawback, is Acorns Spends does no allow for joint checking accounts, so if you are married and share one account, this may not be the best option for you.

The Apple-inspired Acorns Debit Card is amazingly beautiful. Its simplistic, made with titanium, and has your signature etched on the back.

Acorns Found Money

Acorns Found money is an additional way to get free money by using services you already use. For example, if you use the app to purchase from, you get a percentage back for free. See below.

I used Expedia for a recent trip and a credit in the form of a cash-back reward was deposited into my Acorns Core Account.

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