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M1 Finance is a robo-investing platform based on the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). M1 allows you the flexibility to purchase stocks or ETFs and allocate a percentage of each stock or ETF into “Pies” (see below). M1 is one-stop-shop for all types of long-term passive investors. The M1 team has worked hard to make the web and mobile platform easy to use with a friendly intuitive user interface. Unless you are a swing or day trader, it is likely M1 Finance can serve the majority of your needs.

Who is M1 Finance for?

M1 Finance is for the long term passive investor looking for a platform that provides a solid mixture of portfolio options.

Who is M1 Finance NOT for?

If you are looking to be an active investor for day or swing trading, M1 Finance will is not for you. If you’re a beginner active investor you should try Robinhood or if you’re looking to do day trading, TD Ameritrade is probably for you.

Minimum Investment:$100 for taxable accounts
$500 for retirement accounts
Investment Options:Stocks and ETFs
M1 Finance Fees: M1’s platform is free to use.
Retirement Accounts:General, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA
Other Accounts:Custodial, Trusts
Platform: Mobile (iOS & Android) and Web
Margin Account:Yes

M1 $25 Sign-Up Promotion

By using the affiliate link we both get a free $25 when you sign up. This helps bring you fresh content and keep this site going. Remember, M1 is free!


Mix and match various stocks of your choosing into a custom portfolio or pie. M1 allows for investors to purchase fractional shares, unlike traditional stock brokers whom typically require you to purchase a full share of stock. For example, if you deposit $100, the funds will be divided (by percentage) into each stock or ETF you have set in your portfolio. If you have Amazon stock set as 5% of your portfolio, $5 of your $100 would be allocated to an Amazon stock. Remember Amazon stock at the time of writing is $1,699 per share so you are only buying a fraction of Amazon stock. As you add more money to your M1 Finance account, you will continue to purchase more fractional shares of Amazon. Remember fractional shares only allow for fractional gains.

As of January 2019, M1 Finance has 4,242 stocks to choose from.


ETFs work the same as stocks on the M1 platform, you can add individual ETFs or multiple ETFs into your portfolio to create a diversified portfolio. Unless you have done your research and know which stocks you want to invest in, ETF’s are always a good way to diversify.

As of January 2019, M1 Finance has 1,948 ETFs to choose from.

Curated Expert Portfolios

If you are beginner, you will appreciate that M1 Finance provides custom-made portfolios that you can easily adopt into your portfolio. No longer are we in the days where you have to be an expert to be a successful investor.

Expert Pies allow beginners to quickly choose a portfolio based on risk-level without worry.

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